We spend hours thinking, desining, questioning, also you can spend a few seconds lost them one mement.


No time to think, just reaction, focus. All the worry in the one washed away by the rush.


When it comes to trails, when the builder puts down the shovel and picks up the bike,
when creation ovewrites the destruction, well, that’s living!


Balance a bike all right.Keep the pedals turning.Forget about everything except right now.And there’s no place you can’t ride.

Complex by design, simple by nature. The bike is nothing more than circles turning circles.


It’s the human motor that makes it elegant, but no matter how far the bike is come, no matter
how mutch it can already do, the pushing doesn’t stop, we still haven’t found the edge.


No matter how well we build things, no matter how hard we love them, like everything else, for whatever reason, there’re forces in the end to take it all away.


One day the river meets the sea, and then that’s not a river any more. It’s past through the the wheels of change, in and out of experience, stories, advanture, grand ends.


Inevitably, the ride stops.Lost but not entirely gone.For now, as far as we can tell, the cycle of life, well, it never ends.